Bonjour, I’m Mela Saratori!

I'm a painter, illustrator, and surface designer.

I grew up in a French speaking home where, as a child, I turned one of the rooms in our home into an art studio and I always found great pleasure in creating and making others smile with my creations. However, I studied anthropology at university and in those years, I also travelled to many different parts of the world. Having the opportunity to experience a variety of cultures, lifestyles, and seeing the world increased my appreciation for art. It was in 2017, while we were living on an island, that I realised that I wanted to make a career as an artist. So, I went back to design school!

My style is illustrative and colourful inspired mostly by nature and travel adventures with my little tribe. I enjoy the process of sketching the painting out first in pencil and choosing my colours before putting my paintbrush to paper. My work is characterised by saturated pigment and water marks.

Painting especially brings me peace and allows me to express my appreciation for earth’s beauty and the grace I feel while living on it. I simply wish to share this joy with you.


"Try to be a rainbow in someone's cloud"
~ Maya Angelou ~